My son, age 12, really enjoys the Cincinnati Throwing Club. He plays select baseball and we were looking to give him some professional help for next spring season. He is one of the smallest kids on the team and we needed help to keep him competitive and valuable to the team. He is not pitching in games yet, but hopes to be in the future. Brad and Eric have worked with my son for tyhe last couple of months. He has gained strength and accuracy in his throws and above all, he has gained confidence in himself. I would recommend the Cincinnati Throwing Club to any parents looking to take their son to the next level.

My son has been going to the Throwing Club for almost a year now. He has seen significant improvement in velocity and technique. But more importantly, I know that the techniques being taught will ensure his arm health as he continues to grow. In addition to pitching, they are working with him on catching. Again, proper technique for catching improvement along with the health aspect . I couldn't recommend the throwing club higher than 5 out of 5 stars!

Dale Tomblin

Cyndie Lawrance