About The Cincinnati Throwing Club

The Cincinnati Throwing Club

The Cincinnati Throwing Club was developed out of a "need" in the Cincinnati baseball community.  Our staff, after having taught at professional, collegiate, high school and youth levels were inundated with requests for lessons, coaching, advice and the most common question... "Can you help my kid?"   Yes, we can.

TOO MANY young players were coming to us hurt and unable to play.  We have helped 10 year old players to college age players. Most have come to us overused with poor throwing patters and in some cases injured. The vast majority have been taught incorrect throwing techniques.  We had seen enough and decided to step in.  

No more lessons from an instructor who will not get off of their bucket.  No more misused terms and old school teaching that results in injury.  Our staff is trained by various, well known institutions from around the country.  The Texas Baseball Ranch, Driveline, Jaeger Sports just to name a few.  We have the knowledge base and the ability to incorporate these methods into your son or daughter's training routine.  

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